Navigating the uncertainty of Covid-19: Steps Every Irish Business should be taking.

Neil Hughes chats to Capitalflow’s John Mackey on what businesses need to do to navigate their way through these uncertain times.

“With unemployment likely to average at about 12% this year, looking at the purchase manager’s index, we are looking at a huge drop in that, way below 50% from a business point of view, and we are looking at consumer confidence, some of the indices coming out, and likewise they’ve dropped significantly, therefore people should be modelling based on when was the last time, that those macroeconomic indicators, were at those sorts of levels, it’s probably 2012, 2013, that’s probably what we are looking at, if you look at unemployment, the last time it was at 12% in Ireland would have been 2013, so businesses, if they were trading back in 2013, should look at that landscape and say, “ok, what does that look like, if that’s what is to happen for the rest of the year, what does my cashflow projection look like?”

Listen to the full interview below: