Name: Mark Barrett

Job Title: Software Engineer

Joined Capitalflow: Nov 2020

A graduate from DIT with a First Class Honours in Computer Science, Mark joined the company in November last year in the thick of the pandemic. When asked what attracted him to the company, he was quite specific that he wanted to be part of a financial service provider that was innovating and would allow him a chance to bring all of his knowledge to life. But joining the company just as Covid hit made it challenging.

“Would you believe I’ve only met the rest of the team a couple of times, socially distanced of course, despite being with Capitalflow about 8 months. We’ve been building new systems remotely but at the same time keeping close to different parts of the business and their needs over video calls.

As the vaccines roll-out, it will be nice to do more face to face work rather than just looking at the whites of their eyeballs over teams!”

So tell us about what you are working on?

“I know “digital transformation” is such an overused term at this stage, but how we are transforming the business is really pretty exciting – we are moving to a system where all the manual admin work will disappear. Without sounding clichéd, it really is a game changer for the business. The team are moving away from repetitive tasks that take up so much time, to focus completely on the customer side of things. Its a win win for both the team and the customers. It makes applying for a loan so simple. Just makes life easier for businesses.

Intriguing, so tell us more about your work?

“A key focus has been the development of our new Portal for our customers, brokers and suppliers. It has been up and running for a while now, but we spent time piloting to existing customers and brokers to make sure sure we were really getting the customer experience right.”

“We have just released our “New Customer Journey”, which allows existing and potential customers to get a quote from Capitalflow, signup and login to the portal and make and track any number of loan applications. What’s more, it allows customers to track applications right through until approval”.

Enough about work….

A techie through and through, Mark spends even his downtime working on cool software projects! Most notably a webstore aimed at game servers. (we’ll leave that to the kids – big and small) Sea fishing and enjoying a beer while waiting for a bite is a pastime shared with friends but the most interesting (and maybe most enjoyable) hobby is Marks whiskey collection.  An avid fan of quality whiskeys, Mark would rate a 12 year old Redbreast as one of the top tasting accessible whiskeys out there but his wish list includes Laphroaig 35, which at around €4,600, will probably always remain on his Wish List!

Quick fire:

Give up one – your PC or your fishing rod?

“My Mac is like my second arm, so would be the fishing rod.”

Pineapple on a pizza – yay or nay?

“There’s a huge divide on this one, but I am firmly on the nay side, fruit is not for pizza.”

Who would you rather be – Batman or Spiderman?

“Got to be Spiderman all the way!”